Keynote Speakers

Functional Orientation in automotive architecture development

Dr. Ernst Fricke, BMW Group

Developing product architectures is a key activity in product development processes. This is also true for automotive development. When developing new vehicle architectures the customer requirements have to play a crucial role. But, optimal solutions for new vehicles will not necessarily be derived by translating those customer requirements directly into technical solutions. Due to the complexity of the vehicle architecture, developing those architectures requires thinking in functions first instead of thinking in components. In automotive development functions on total vehicle level can be understood as driving dynamics, ride comfort, acoustics, safety, energy efficiency. This thinking in those functions and the underlying functional causal chains enables a solution neutral approach leading to successful product architectures.

The presentation will shed light on some insights of how a functional analysis and thinking in functional causal chains can lead to optimal vehicle concepts for even conflicting requirements based on experience at BMW.

Dr. Ernst Fricke currently holds the position as General Manager Structural Dynamics and Vibrations at BMW. He held several functions within BMW in the Total Vehicle Architecture & Integration Division. Before BMW he was the Head of Systems Engineering and Support at CargoLifter GmbH and worked as at TU München as "Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter".
He received his Ph.D. from TU München, where he also has studied Mechanical Engineering. He is a graduate of the International Space University SSP, 1997 in Houston, Tx.