Conference Agenda

To download the conference agenda, please click the link below.
Please note that minor changes may occur.

Download DSM 2012 agenda


ISID solution seminar

Presentation of iPRIME NAVI and iQUAVIS case studies
September 12, 2012, 13:30 - 17:20

To download the agenda of the ISID solution seminar please click on the link below:

Download ISID solution seminar agenda


Information for Speakers and Session Chairpersons

All program sessions will be in Room D in the ICC Kyoto.  Speakers and session chairpersons should meet in Room D during the break before their session, 15 minutes before the start. You can use the slides you have submitted as part of your publication; we will have them ready at the venue. If you want to show a
modified version, you can bring a different set of slides on a USB drive.  If you need to run any videos and a connection to the audio system of the venue, please contact the organizers.
The session chairperson should be prepared to introduce each speaker with a few words about them.  Please also be sure to keep the session on time and provide a warning to each speaker before it is time to wrap up and move to questions and discussion. Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.


Information for Software Tool Presenters

We will provide a table, large monitor, and power strip for your software tool demonstration from 13:00 to 14:00 on Thursday.  Please bring your computer and adapter for power supply to run your demonstration. Also, at 11:45-12:15, we will have a brief Tool Presentations session. You will have five minutes for a quick overview of your software.  Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.


Information for Poster Presenters

We will provide a poster stand for you to display your poster during the Tool and Poster Session.  Please bring a poster of approximately A0 portrait format.  Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.