Conference Agenda

To download the conference agenda, please click the link below.

Download DSM 2011 Agenda


Registration at MIT

Since everyone has registered for the conference online in advance, you may simply pick up your name badge, proceedings, program information, and a welcome gift from MIT when you arrive at the conference.

Tuesday 12:30pm-1:00pm, Room E62-450 (before the tutorials)

Tuesday 5:30pm-7:00pm, Bldg. 32 4th floor Commons (at the reception)

Wednesday or Thursday, Bldg. E52 6th floor (at the Faculty Club)


Information for Speakers and Session Chairpersons

All program sessions will be in the MIT Faculty Club, Dining Room 5.  Speakers and session chairpersons should meet in DR5 during the break before their session, 15 minutes before the start.  At this time, please try to collect the PPT presentations for the session onto the laptop provided by us.  Of course, if you need special software or are concerned about getting your presentation working properly on someone else's computer, you are welcome to use your own.  Just be sure to test out the connection before the session begins.  There is a wireless lapel microphone for the speaker to use.  (Please do so.)  We will have one of our MIT students available to assist with computer connections and microphones.  The session chairperson should be prepared to introduce each speaker with a few words about them.  Please also be sure to keep the session on time and provide a warning to each speaker before it is time to wrap up and move to questions and discussion.  Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.


Information for Software Tool Presenters

We will provide a table, large LCD monitor, and power strip for your software tool demonstration from 1:15pm to 2:15pm on Thursday in Dining Room West.  Please bring your computer to run your demonstration and get your table set up between 11:30am and 12:00pm or during lunchThe monitors will have VGA connections. We do have AV staff to assist with the setup.  Also, at 12:00-12:30pm, we will have a brief Tool Presentations session. You will have five minutes for a quick overview of your software.  Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.


Information for Poster Presenters

We will provide an easel for you to display your poster during the Tool and Poster Session.  Please bring a poster of approximately 24" x 32" or A1 size.  Thank you for contributing to the success of our conference.