Researchers, managers and tool developers will present their experience in using DSM-related methods and tools for complexity management in this year's DSM Conference. During three days, the agenda provides various insights into the current state of the art of complexity management with DSM. Please note that the presented agenda is preliminary and slight modifications might occur in the weeks before the conference.

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Monday - 15 October 2007
20:00 Welcome Dinner Restaurant Osterwaldgarten
Tuesday - 16 October 2007
09:00 Tutorials Tyson Browning, Mike Danilovic, Maik Maurer
11:20 Coffee Break  
11:40 Opening Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Lindemann (TU München)
Prof. Dr. Mike Danilovic (Jönköping IBS)
11:55 Opening Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raymond Freymann (BMW Group)
12:10 From Product/Service Complexity Management to Innovation (Keynote) Andrew Kusiak
12:35 DSM "Where it's been" Where it needs to go (Keynote) Donald V Steward
13:00 Lunch Conference Venue
14:00 Managing Complexity in Automotive Engineering (Motivation) Dr. Rupert Deger
14:25 A systematic method for modelling and analysing conceptual design information Gregory M Mocko, Georges M Fadel, Joshua D Summers, Jonathan RA Maier, Thulasiram Ezhilan
14:55 New variant management using multiple-domain mapping Thomas Braun, Frank Deubzer
15:20 Coffee Break  
15:40 A survey on process complexity management Carsten König
16:05 DMM partitioning analysis for design study procedure optimization Katsufumi Araki
16:30 Benefits derived from use of DSM as part of the Adept Approach to managing engineering projects Andrew Newton, John Steele, Simon Austin, Paul Waskett
16:55 Coffee Break  
17:15 On the role of DSM in designing systems and products for changeability Olivier L. de Weck
17:40 Component classification: A change perspective Edwin C Y Koh, René Keller, Claudia M Eckert, P John Clarkson
18:15 Bavarian Buffet Conference Venue

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Wednesday - 17 October 2007
09:00 Coffee Break  
09:25 Approach for the function driven process design for the development of mechatronic systems Holger Diehl, Stefanie C. Braun, Markus Petermann, David Hellenbrand, Udo Lindemann
09:50 The projection relationship between object process models (opm) and design system matrices (DSM) Edward Crawley, Justin Colson
10:15 A simulation model to predict impacts of alterations in development processes Michael Lukas, Thomas Gärtner, Norbert Rohleder, Christopher M Schlick
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:00 Analyzing communication dependencies in product development using the Design Structure Matrix Clemens Hepperle, Anja M Maier, Matthias Kreimeyer, Udo Lindemann, P John Clarkson
11:25 Applying DSM to enterprise architectures Frank Waldman, Neeraj Sangal
11:50 Tool Presentations  
12:50 Lunch Conference Venue
13:55 Tool Exhibition (and Coffee Break)  
15:25 Complexity management using multiple-domain mapping - development of high pressure pumps for common rail systems Matthias Greiner, Johann Warga, Thomas Braun
15:50 Module and interface identification and definition – a comprehensive approach using DSM Robert Helmer, Ali Yassine, Christoph Meier
16:15 Managing complexity in automotive safety development Ulrich Herfeld, Franz Fürst, Thomas Braun
16:40 Coffee Break  
17:00 System-level Based IDM/DSM/DMM dataset für multi-project co-ordination Tatiana Khudyakova, Mike Danilovic
17:25 Applying DSM in the Energy Sector: Practical Problems and Insights from Industry Tom Flanagan
20:00 Evening Event Drehrestaurant (Munich Television Tower)
Thursday - 18 October 2007
09:00 Coffee Break  
09:25 Social network techniques applied to Design Structure Matrix analysis. The case of a new engine development at Ferrari Michele Liberati, Federico Munari, Paolo Racchetti, Tazio Splendiani
09:50 Analyzing core competence and core products for developing agile and adaptable corporation Mike Danilovic, Peter Leisner
10:15 Structural awareness in complex product design – the Multiple-Domain Matrix Maik Maurer, Udo Lindemann
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:00 The Multi-Domain-Mapping-approach and target costing Wieland Biedermann, Maik Maurer, Udo Lindemann
11:25 Assessment and improvement of software systems by applying DSM Han van Roosmalen
11:50 Dynamic, DSM-based analysis of software product architectures Manuel E. Sosa, Tyson R. Browning, Jürgen Mihm
12:15 Using DSM to test the software architecture Neil Langmead
12:40 Lunch  
13:40 Pre-selection of hybrid electric vehicle architectures during the initial design phase Carlos Gorbea, Ernst Fricke, Udo Lindemann
14:05 Using DSM for the modularisation of self-optimizing systems Jürgen Gausemeier, Sascha Kahl, Daniel Steffen
14:30 Product structures designed for variants Martin Eigner, Mathias Zagel
14:55 Coffee Break  
15:15 Product, process and network domain interface modelling Niko Salonen
15:40 The System Overlap Matrix – A method and tool for the systematic identification of commonality opportunities in complex technical systems Wilfried K. Hofstetter, Paul D. Wooster, Olivier L. de Weck, Edward F. Crawley
16:05 Mass customizations approach using Design Structure Matrix AHM Shamsuzzoha, Petri Helo, Tauno Kekäle
16:30 Closing Session