Scientific Committee


The review process of all submissions is directly supported by our scientific committee. All contributions are reviewed towards their content, significance, originality, relevance, and presentation.


  • Professor Tyson Browning,
    Texas Christian University, USA
  • Ramy El Behery,
    Shell Canada Ltd., Canada
  • Professor Steven Eppinger,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Professor Mike Danilovic,
    Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
  • Professor Eric Bonjour,
    Université de Lorraine / ENSGSI, ERPI, France
  • Professor Andrew Kusiak,
    University of Iowa, USA
  • Professor Udo Lindemann,
    Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Dr. Maik Maurer,
    Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Wieland Biedermann,
    DFG German Research Foundation, Germany
  • Paschal Minogue,
    Analog Devices International, Ireland
  • Harold Stowe,
    Boeing Company, USA
  • Professor Ali Yassine,
    American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Dr. Venkatachalam Senthilkumar,
    University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Professor Nitin Joglekar,
    Boston University, USA
  • Dr. Marija Jankovic,
    École Centrale Paris, France
  • Prof. Franck Marle,
    École Centrale Paris, France
  • Dr. Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal,
    École Centrale Paris, France
  • Dr. Romain Farel,
    École Centrale Paris, France
  • Kaushik Sinha,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Professor Koshy Varghese,
    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras